Crypto portfolio tracker google sheets

crypto portfolio tracker google sheets

3. summary of the total gain/loss of portfolio with pie chart. google sheets script bittrex, cryptocurrency tracking spreadsheet, bittrex spreadsheet. CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT. TRACKING SPREADSHEET Coin Nominal Cryptocurrency Coins Cost (Avg.) Current Value Gain/Loss Return Value Investment. Top 50 grossing finance apps ranking in android Google Play Store in United States by Coin Stats, Inc. - Crypto Portfolio Tracker App, -, = 22,.

Crypto portfolio tracker google sheets

Crypto portfolio tracker google sheets создание биткоин обменник crypto portfolio tracker google sheets

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How to Build a Crypto Portfolio Tracker on Google Sheet


You can also contact me at cryptoforcanadians gmail. Scott Cunningham. Alternatively sign up with email. Already have an account? The "A" column is the date the transaction happened. The "B" column is the dollar amount of whatever it is you bought in this case, Bitcoin. The "C" column is the price that you bought it at including fees. Cryptocurrency Crypto tracking recording google spreadsheet. How do you rate this article? We pay the tips from our rewards pool. November Periodic Crypto Update.

NZFX 9 hours ago 1 minute read. Copy Trading Profit Sharing — the new frontier of passive incomes. MikeZillo 8 hours ago 3 minute read. Scott Cunningham 9 hours ago 3 minute read. Login Register. Earn Crypto for Publishing and Reading.

Sign Up with Facebook. Sign Up with Twitter. This is particularly useful if you live in a country that actively taxes your crypto gains. The setup is a bit technical, but if you have a bit of knowledge in Google Sheets or Excel, you will fare well. The tracker does not give you live tracking, but it is near-live. You can automatically update the prices in increments of 5 minutes or more.

The only downside here is that it piggybacks on the paid service Cryptofinance , but it has a free trial of 1 week. Cryptosheets is a SaaS that does all the grunt work for you. It appeals to both hobbyists, analysts, and investors, so you can imagine how in-depth its features are. It can integrate with both Google Sheets and Excel , and has pre-built templates and functions that you can use with just a few clicks.

It also supports hundreds of crypto exchanges, over , crypto assets, and derivatives. With their API, you can build your own cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, crypto tracker of coins you own or are planning on buying , and analysis of coins where you can track the volume changes, price changes , and other indicators. It piggybacks on the Google Finance function where it pulls data directly from the stock market, and from CoinGecko for cryptocurrencies.

The setup is relatively easy too. Cryptobooks is a spreadsheet designed by Redditors who are deeply into cryptocurrencies. It utilizes Google Finance functions and CoinGecko , so you can keep track of both stocks and cryptos with a little bit of tinkering.

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Google Sheet Functions to Track Your Portfolio Data (Crypto - Stock - ETF - Dividends)

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